Royal Canadian Legion Valley City Branch 36
Honors and Awards 2002

Thanks to Adriana Romkes and the Dundas Star for these photographs
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1   Flo Simmons Master Of Ceremonies
2   Flo Again
3   L.A. President V Lawrence presenting a cheque for $2000 accepted by Branch president Stan Hicks
4   Branch Member of the year Mal Horner (right) presented by the Branch President
 55 years of srevice  G Buhlman, A.J. McManamy, A Chambers, M Moffat (abs)
6   Beautiful Binder presented to Branch President by C Franklin (left) of Marlatt Funeral Home
7   Past Presidents Bar Stan Hicks, Mike Alkerton, Rob Foster, George Buhlmam
8   $3000 donation to the Lung Association presented by Poppy Committee Chair Gerry Belec
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9     $1800 donation to the Air cadets Presented by Stan Hicks Branch President
10   Poppy Comm Donation $3000 Recipient Cancer Research McMaster Hospital
11   Charles Croyden (left) 50 Year Pin & Medal Presented by Chuck Cumberland Zone Commander
12   Past Officer's Medal, Sgt-at-Arms Bar to Ciem Catier (left) presented by Stan Hicks
13   Public Relations Bar to Gerry Milinkovic (left) presented by Stan Hicks
14   Poppy Comm Donation $3000 Recipient Heart&Stroke Presented By G Belec
15   Past Officer's Medal, Executive bar, Sports Bar to Lynn Horner (right) presented by Stan Hicks
16   Sports Bar to Mal Horner (right) presented by Stan Hicks
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17   Certificate of merit to Marie Kobilynski
18   Youth Education Bar to Mal Horner (right)
19   Certificate of merit to Marilyn Latchford Presented by Chuck Cumberland Zone Commander
20   $1800 donation to the Sea Cadets Presented by Gerry Milinkovic Nevada Chairman
21   $1800 donation to Army Cadets presented by Mike Alkerton 1st Vice President
22   Chris Franklin of Marlatt Funeral Home about to make a presentation to the Branch
23   Beautiful wooden binder containing pictures of medals and descriptions

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