Held at the Royal Canadian Legion Valley City Branch 36 Sat 26th October, 2002
All proceeds from this dance where donated to the Ontario March of Dimes

Lynn Horner in white trying to
announce something
Jane far left donated time as DJ
Fay 2nd from left donated time
Lynn 3rd from left organizer
Finally marilyn donated time
Marilyn talks about me eating
take a look at that mouthfull
Jane the DJ with Mr Pumkinhead
Did a great job as DJ
Well done and thanks
Sue and marilyn with a cake for
my honey who was ?? years of
age on saturday
A birthday cake for Fay as she
was ?? years old on Saturday
More than I dare to say how
old she was
Shelly with her two care persons
from the March of Dimes
Looking good and having a
good time
March of Dimes consumer and his
aide having a great time
The Legion has offered a reward
for information on the origin of
these strange circles that
appeared on bald men see Butch
MMM looks like drinking might
have something to do with the
strange shapes on his head
The Hulk and Baseball head??
Not sure but looked good
The Grim Reaper and friend
Dracula and his Bride
winners best costume
The Grim Reaper
2nd prize for his costume
Kylie alias Wonder Woman
Unlikely duet a Klingon and
Wonder Woman
Bob doing a toonie toss
Bob won the toonie toss a
bottle of whiskey  cost him a lot
of toonies but as he said it was
for a good cause
Sue getting down?? with Mal
but we all know Sue can't get
much lower
We don't know whether this is a
witch trying to be a lady or a
witch trying to be a witch
Mal has had enough of his
Fay and marilyn taking time out
to dance
This is the brains trust trying to
figure out how to put a battery
in a flashing pumpkin it only took
them ????
Where did everyone go
I'm not that ugly
Nice butt
Jane doing her thing
Anne and her aide were third
prize winners for there costumes
Anne was having a great time
Some sort of trance I think
or maybe she is trying to conjure
up a man for herself
Hal and his wife having a good
time with the hulk in the