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Ladies Auxiliary          


Ladies Auxiliary Report - February 2024

Wishing everyone a healthy 2024. The Ladies Auxiliary continues to be very busy between

Fundraiser, Community Support and Sports.

Recent Events

• Food Drive and Donation gift cards to local grocery stores.

• Donation to Salvation Army to support a family in need at Christmas with Food and Presents.

• Very successful Christmas Raffle. Thanks again to all who participated and an extra Thank You for all the wonderful donations.

• Held our 3rd Paint Night which again was very well attended.

Ongoing Events

• Beef nights: 4th Friday of the month, January through May 5:30-7:30.

• Starting in February the Friday night Euchre will return to after Beef Night on the 4th Friday of the month, and continue for the rest of the year whenever there is a Beef Night scheduled.

• Afternoon Euchre: 1st and 3rd Thursday 1:00 pm.

Upcoming Plans

• Purses for Women: we will be accepting donations end of March/April. Stay tuned for more information.

• Next Paint Night: Friday 19th April.

• Craft Market and Tea Room: 4th and 5th May. Currently looking for vendors

• Tupperware Bingo:  10th May.

• Spring BBQ raffle: Draw to held on last Beef night 24th May.


• Ladies Auxiliary will be hosting District Team Sports on Saturday, 6th April.  We will be looking for volunteers to be scorekeepers for this event.  If you are interested, please let me know.

Sue Sklepowicz - President Ladies Auxiliary - 905 537-7862


Ladies Auxiliary Report - November 2023

It has been a tough several weeks for our Ladies Auxiliary with the passing of two prominent LA members.  On 23rd August, 2023 Gerry Hopkins, a 30-year member and on 28th September, 2023, Dana Dilabbio, a 27-year member passed away.  Both gone way too soon and will be greatly missed.

As we continue with LA business, we are announcing the return of the full LA Christmas Draw.  

Items will be displayed and tickets available to purchase starting Friday, 3rd November.   Sales will continue throughout the month with the draw taking place on Friday, 1st December in conjunction with the Legions Sports Turkey Roll.  We are looking for new donations.  If you have something you would like to donate, or know of a business we can contact, please let us know. 

Our 3rd Paint night will take place on Friday, 17th November at 7pm.  Cost is $50 for a 12x16 canvas.  See posters for example of the Christmas Gnome to be painted.  To register please call Barb at (365) 366-2464.

There is a time change for our 27th October Beef night.  We will be serving dinner from 4:30-6:30 for October only and will return to our regular hours 5:30-7:30pm in November.

The Progressive Euchre has been changed – it now follows the Fish Fry.  The November Friday Euchre will be on Friday, 3rd November and after that on the 2nd Friday of each month.  Registration opens at 6:30pm.  Play begins at 7:00pm.

The LA monthly meeting had been moved from the 2nd Tuesday of the month to the 2nd Wednesday of the month effective October 2023.

Yours in comradeship  

Sue Sklepowicz - President Ladies Auxiliary  (905-537-7862)




Ladies Auxiliary Report - August 2023

The summer is quickly coming to a close.  It has been nice to take a short break from all our activities but it is time to get back into the swing of things.

Our first Spring Market and Tea House was a great success as was the BBQ raffle.  The winner of the BBQ and accessories was our own Deb Gibbins.  Congratulations.

Thank you to all who support our events. 

Upcoming Activities

Afternoon Euchre returns the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month starting Thursday, 7th September, 2023 through to 16th May, 2024.  A $5 registration fee is required and it starts at 1:30pm. 

Beef Night is the 4th Friday of the month from September to May (excluding December) from 5:30pm to 7:30pm. 

Beef Night is followed by Euchre.  Registration is at 7:30pm with a $5 registration fee. 

November will see the return of our long-awaited full Ladies Auxiliary Christmas Draw.  Displays and ticket sales will begin Thursday, 9th November, 2023.   The draw will take place on Friday, 1st December, 2023 in conjunction with the Legion Turkey Roll. 

The Ladies Auxiliary is looking for suggestions for new home- made donations.  Enquiries can be sent to Judy Hall Wright at judywright818@gmail.com  

Yours in comradeship  

Sue Sklepowicz - Ladies Auxiliary President – 905-537-7862 


Ladies Auxiliary Report - May 2023

The Ladies Auxiliary in conjunction with the Legion Honours and Awards and the Veteran’s Luncheon

celebrated our 78th Birthday. 

A certificate of appreciation was presented to Judy Hall Wright for all her hard work on behalf of the LA, particularly her work with the Christmas Draw.

Mary Johnson, Gerry Hopkins and Marie Kobylinski earned their 30 year Service Pins and Nancy Gadoury was presented with her 55 year Service pin. The event was well attended with our own LA members as well as representatives from all our LA zone members.

Canadian Tire in Dundas has again graciously donated a BBQ for this year’s Spring Draw.  The BBQ is on display in the club room and the draw will take place during Beef night on Friday May 24th. Tickets are available at the bar or from any LA member.

We held our second paint night on Fri March 31.  What a huge success. We had 47 participants in this event.  Everyone went home with their own unique picture.  Stay tuned for our fall event.

Our members continue to be highly involved in LA Sports programs.  We had a team of Dorothy Cayen, Margaret Beacroft, Brenda Robinson and Karen MacKenzie who recently participated in LA District Cribbage.

Congratulations to those players that will be moving on to Provincial LA Darts.  Singles: Sue Sklepowicz, Doubles: Terry Kobylinski, Terrie Gubbins. Two Teams: Terry Kobylinski, Terry Gubbins, Sue Sklepowicz, Carly Arnold and Barb Smith, Teresa McConnell, Brenda Robinson and Karen MacKenzie.

On Saturday, May 6th and Sunday May 7th we will be hosting a Spring Market and Tea House open 10:00am-4:00pm both days.  Please come out and support the Ladies Auxiliary.  The Market will have crafts and artisans.  Come find that unique gift for Mother’s Day.  Enjoy sandwiches, sweets and beverages in our Tea Room.  Participate in the Loonie Sale.

We have just initiated and welcome another new member to our Ladies Auxiliary. It is wonderful to see our membership expanding.

Sue Sklepowicz - President Ladies Auxiliary - 905 537-7862


Ladies Auxiliary Report - February 2023

The Ladies Auxiliary of Branch 36 Dundas is completely dependent on its volunteers.  I am so proud to be the president of an amazing bunch of ladies.   This month we were able to welcome 3 new volunteers.

I would like to thank all who participated in the joint LA/Legion food and clothing drive.

Our Christmas Draw in conjunction with the Legion Turkey Roll was a huge success.  Thank you to all who joined in and to those who donated one of the wonderful gifts.

As in the past, we were able to support a family though the Salvation Army with Christmas meals and presents as well as gifts for residents without any family at Blackadaars.

LA sports have started in full force.  Euchre has already been played.  Sgl/Dbl Darts have been played at both the zone and district levels and we have a few players moving on to provincials in April.  Crib and Team Darts for zones were played in January.

We have started up afternoon euchre and starting in January it will be held on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month starting at 1:30.  Euchre will also be held on Beef Nights (4th Friday of the month), registration at 7pm.  All Euchre events have an entry fee of $5/person. 

In November we had our very first Paint Night.  It was a huge success and all participants went home with their own unique version of the selected painting.  We will be hosting another one on Fri March 31/23.  Picture of the painting will be posted by end of Jan.  Cost is $45 beginning at 7pm.  If interested please contact Barb Smith 365 366-2426 to reserve your spot. 

New this year, we will be hosting a “Spring Market and Tea Room”.  It will be held on Sat May 6th and Sun May 7th.   Come out and possibly find a unique gift for Mother’s Day.  If you are looking for more information or possibly renting a table for this event please contact Dorothy Cayen at (905) 308-5779.

I am looking for some assistance from our Legion members, I am currently trying to update our wall of previous presidents with 5x7 portraits -  we are missing 2 very important ladies.   If anyone has any contact information for a family member that might be able to assist me for the following:  Teresa Williams or Virginia Lawrence please contact me at 905 537-7862.

Sue Sklepowicz - President Branch 36 Ladies Auxiliary



Ladies Auxiliary Report - November 2022

The Ladies Auxiliary continues in its efforts to support our Legion and the Local Community. Fundraising is a key component of our work.  Beef Nights will continue the 4th Friday of the month for October, November, January to - May at 5:30PM - followed by Progressive Euchre at 7:30PM. 

We are hosting our 1st Paint Night on Friday, 4th November at 7:00pm.  Registration is $45 and spaces are limited.  If you are interested, please contact Barb Smith at 365-366-2426.  Come and enjoy a night of comradery, a drink or two with friends and take home your own masterpiece.

Tickets will be available shortly for our Xmas Ladies Auxiliary Raffle.  The Raffle will take place on Friday, 2nd December, 2022 along with the Legion Turkey Roll.  Tickets are 1 for $5 and 3 for $10.  This year we will have 2 prizes - a certificate from Shed Breweries for a Beer Tour, and Tasting for a group of 10.  The top prize is a bucket of Christmas cheer valued at $300. Tickets will be available from any Ladies Auxiliary member and also the Bar.

During the Christmas season the Ladies Auxiliary will continue to provide gifts for residents at the Blackadar Continuing Care Centre home who are unable to celebrate with family, as well as support a family in need with food and presents through the Salvation Army.

Branch 36 Ladies Auxiliary has a small but mighty dedicated group of women that I am proud to be a part of.

Yours in comradeship 

Sue Sklepowicz - President Ladies Auxiliary


Ladies Auxiliary Report - August 2022

Welcome back.  I hope everyone is enjoying the summer break.

As things continue to open up the Ladies Auxiliary Sports season has begun.

On June 12 we hosted Zone Euchre.  The team of Deb Gibbins, Dorothy Cayen, Barb Smith and Sue

Sklepowicz will be moving on to District Euchre on 22nd October in Fonthill.

Other upcoming Sports events include:

Singles / Doubles Darts - 18th September in Burlington

Cribbage - 15th January in Stoney Creek

Team Darts - 4th February in Waterdown

Beef night returns Friday, 23rd September from 5:30-7:30pm followed by Progressive Euchre at 8:00pm.  Registration for Euchre begins at 7pm.  All are welcome

Beef night and Euchre will be held the 3rd Friday of the month in September, October, January, February, March, April and May.  Come out and enjoy an evening of good food and comradeship.

Sue Sklepowicz - President Ladies Auxiliary   


Ladies Auxiliary Report - May 2022

As things continue to open up and restriction lessen, we have been able to restart our Beef Nights that run the 4th Friday of the month.  These will continue for April and May, then returning in September.

Euchre has also returned following beef night.  All are welcome to join.  So, bring a friend.  Registration is at 7:30 and the cost is $5.

The Ladies Auxiliary will be celebrating its 77th birthday at the Honours and Awards Luncheon on Sunday, 29th May, 2022.

We are currently in the middle of our spring fundraiser.  Canadian Tire had graciously donated at Coleman 3 burner BBQ for us to raffle off.  The Draw will be held on Friday May 27 at 7pm during our Beef Night.  Please see any LA member or Bar Stewart to purchase your tickets.

Sue Sklepowicz - President Branch 36 Ladies Auxiliary


Ladies Auxiliary Report - February 2022

It is certainly during challenging times that I write my first Legion Bulletin report on behalf of the Ladies Auxiliary.

In September I became president of the Ladies Auxiliary when Deb Cooley stepped down from her role as President for the past six and a half years.  Her commitment has been greatly appreciated by our membership.

As we continue to navigate through the ever-changing Covid rules we were able to get our Beef Night up and running again for Oct and Nov.  Recent restrictions have meant the cancellation of our January night. I am ever optimistic that we will again be able to offer our dine in/take out event once again in February or as soon at protocols allow.

We were able to hold a redesigned Christmas Raffle that was held in conjunction with the Legion’s Turkey Roll on Dec 3, 2021, which was a big success for both the Legion and the Ladies Auxiliary.

In December we were able to donate to the Salvation Army, sponsor a family for Christmas, as well a purchase Christmas presents for those residents of Blackadar Continuing Care Centre that are without any family.

Once restrictions lighten, we are planning to resume Progressive Euchre on the 4th Friday of the month following our Beef Night and are hoping to offer another Euchre opportunity during a week-day afternoon.

Yours in comradeship.

Sue Sklepowicz - President Branch 36 Ladies Auxiliary


Ladies Auxiliary Report - November 2021

Greetings Fellow Legionaires,

Finally!! Looks like we are getting our acts together again. Your Ladies Auxiliary had their first meeting in a year on Sept. 14th.  I was so very happy to see the few girls that showed up.  Hopefully within the next couple of months we can get a few more out so we can get even more back into the swing of things.

We will be starting our Beef nights again on October 22nd.  Terry K. Was checking into what supplies we have on hand so we be prepared for this - one of our major fund raisers.  Might be a few changes to how this can happen as there are still rules we have to follow for the new Covid 19 codes.  I think these up to date rules will be posted at the front door.  These rules seem to change every other day but if we are all diligent, we can get thru this til things are back to normal.  I hope to see some familiar and some new faces that night.

We normally have a progressive euchre after Beef Nite is done, but one thing at a time people. 

Our annual Christmas Fundraiser has been down sized to selling tickets on a big prize with a possibility of a second and third prize on the same ticket.  The Grand Prize, I believe, is the same as two years ago.  A Bucket of Booze.  Its actually the size of Grandma’s old wash tub (the small one). 

But how do you make a wash tub full of Christmas Cheer sound like its not Granny’s recipe for moon shine.  Should there be a second and third prize, we should know by the end of October, or beginning of November when the tickets will be available.

Okay.  The 2 major events above, plus Br. Pres. Doug Rivers coming in and updating us on some of the new rules we need to follow took a lot of our time at this first meeting.  And, I was sorry I had to end the meeting with a little sad news (sad to me anyway).  As of our meeting that night, I had to announce my abdication (?) of the L. A. Presidency.  Because of my job as a school bus driver for special needs kids, I haven’t been able to socialize, go to the few meetings the branch has had or volunteer to help keep the branch in working order (not that Doug needed me as he already has a fenominal team but that IS what the auxiliary is for).  The company kept us on a tight leash to prevent the wider spread of this pandemic thru the kids that needed to be in school.  I also had volunteered to babysit my grandson for the summer as Stephanie was back to work and felt that since her mom and dad had had the shots and the little guy wasn’t quite ready for daycare, problem solved.

Throughout this whole pandemic of chaos and confusion, Sue Sklepowicz has been my right hand person.  As well as my left hand, both legs and my brains as I seemed to have misplaced those as well.  I thank the Good Lord for Sue.  She was fantastic at my job for over a year.  And now she will continue to keep us updated and on our toes as she has very graciously accepted my job.  But because we didn’t have a big enough turn out at the meeting, Sue is Acting President till we have an official vote.  I still have to sign the checks.  God Bless and thanks again Sue.

Well, I think that’s it for now my friends.  Stay Healthy, Stay Safe and we’ll see you at the club real soon                                                           

Debbie Cooley - Ladies Auxiliary President

LadiesAuxiliary Report - July 2021 - No Report this issue due to Covid-19

Ladies Auxiliary Report - February 2021 

Dear Comrades, 

Hope this finds everyone safe at home and having had an enjoyable holiday season for as far they could.

The Ladies Auxiliary hasn't had a meeting since March 2020, nearly a year ago.  As you may have guessed, we have had to cancel our Beef Nights and our annual Christmas Raffle Fund Raiser.  

We still went shopping for the seniors that had no one to be with them or at least phone at Christmas as well as sending our support to the Salvation Army who passed this on to a local family that especially needed it.  

We are keeping up with all our community obligations and if at any time our own club needs anything, they know they can depend on us to be there for them.  Should a cheque need to be sent anywhere, we get the motion to pay via phone tag with our members and then I meet Gerry Hopkins, our treasurer, on her front stoop and sign some cheques.  Not the fastest way to do things but we get things done and still follow the new COVID-19 rules of health and safety.

At this time, I would like to send out our deepest sympathetic thoughts and prayers to the family of Lorraine Park.  Lorraine was a member of the Stoney Creek Legion and its Auxiliary.  Lorraine passed on December 24th, 2020.  A very dear lady and friend to we who knew her. Past L.A. Sports Officer who believed in fair play and a well fought game of cards or especially darts. She will be very sadly missed.

On a brighter note, our own Dana Dilabbio was HOME FOR CHRISTMAS!!! YAAAHHH. Continued good reports please Dana. 

Again, I hope this finds y'all in good health and safe either at home or taking great precautions to stay safe and healthy. My biggest wish and prayer this year is that we can get this pandemic beat and we can gather once again.

Love and God Bless

Debbie Cooley - President Branch 36 Ladies Auxiliary


Ladies Auxiliary Report - November 2020 - No report this month


Ladies Auxilary Report - August 2020 - No report due to COVID-19 pandemic


Ladies Auxiliary Report - May 2020 - No report due to COVID-19 pandemic


Ladies Auxiliary Report - February 2020 

I hope this finds everyone recuperating from a very successful and enjoyable holiday season.

The Ladies Auxiliary thanks all the vendors, ticket sellers, crafts people and patrons for another successful Christmas Fund Raiser that came to a great conclusion at the Branch 36 Turkey Roll on December 6th.  This allowed us, with the help the Salvation Army, to help a family to celebrate Christmas merrily.  We also gave 10 seniors at Blackadar’s Nursing Home aChristmas, that we hope cheered them a little more, as they have no close family members to share it with.

At the Zone Cribbage Tournament in Stoney Creek on 24th November, half our team had to bow out, but the Burlington Br.60 L..A. had the same problem.  We combined our teams and had the Br.36/60 DunBur or BurDun team to represent us both.  An enjoyable afternoon was had by all thanks to L.A. Zone Commander Jackie Ralston and L.A. Secretary Judy Ramsey from Br. 60.  Sadly our team placed 7th out of 7 teams.  Barb Smith and myself were surprised how badly the cards were for us, having played together many times before and usually been able to turn a bad round into something better, we could do nothing but laugh and wish the ongoing teams the best of luck.  .

Upcoming Beef Nights:  There are 5 left for this season on 24th Jan., 28th Feb., 27th Mar., 24th Apr.  and 22nd May.  Sports News:  On 23rd Feb. we will participate in the Zone Team Darts in Stoney Creek.  Best of luck ladies.  Spring BBQ Draw: Tickets and more details should be coming before the end of March.

Until next time, Yours in Comradeship,

Debbie Cooley - President Branch 36 Ladies Auxiliary



Ladies Auxiliary Report - Novembert 2019 - No Report this month

Ladies Auxiliary Report - August 2019 

Greetings Comrades

Hope your summer is going swimmingly and that you are successfully beating back this heat wave. 

Our auxiliary business has taken the summer off as usual but ended in June on a couple high notes

SPRING BBQ DRAW - The draw was held on our last Beef Nite of the season, in May and the winner

was our branches very own Bev Brooks.  Congrats Bev !!! 

And another very sincere THANK YOU to Canadian Tire for the donation of the beautiful BBQ.  Their annual very generous gift of these fantastic BBQ's can never be more appreciated.

SPORTS - The dart team of Janice Mancini, Marie Kobylinski and Deb & Stephanie Cooley went to Callander on June 22 for Provincial Team darts.  They missed playing in the play-offs by one game. Debbie however had the overall high out of the day with 85. Congrats to all four ladies.

We, Br. 36, will be hosting the Zone Singles & Doubles Darts on Sept. 15 / 19 so will need all hands on deck to make this a successful event. 

MEETING NITES - It will be business as usual starting in September. To the end of 2019 the meetings are:Sept. 10, Oct. 8, Nov. 12 & Dec. 10. As always these are held in the front lounge at 7 p.m. And we are always looking for new members.  Come and join the feeling of satisfaction of serving your branch and community with a bunch of hard working but fun loving ladies.

BEEF NITES - Yes, September also brings back our monthly Beef Nites. There you can get either beef (sliced or pulled) on a fresh bun with fries and a salad for $9. OR a double helping of our own Lasagna Roll- ups with salad and garlic bread for $9.  Other items on the menu include Single Lasagna dinners, Beef on a Bun only, and Poutine, with or without beef. This fall our beef nites are Sept. 27, Oct. 25, and Nov. 22.  There is no Beef Nite in December as it's too close to Christmas and we'll all be having turkey instead. Lol 

ANNUAL CHRISTMAS DRAW - Sounds crazy talking about Christmas in the middle of summer but this is just a little reminder and should you see the perfect gift for our prize table on your travels this summer to donate to a great cause that would fantastic and greatly appreciated.  More on this closer to the time.


Debbie Cooley - Ladies Auxiliary President



Ladies Auxiliary Report - May 2019

Hello Spring !!  Well, spring is finally here to stay and we are in full spring to get everything tied up for our year-end events, meetings and reports.

Spring BBQ Draw:  We are reaching out to Canadian Tire again and will hopefully have tickets to sell shortly.  Draw to take place at our last Beef Nite of the season on Friday, 24th May.

Beef Nites:  Just 2 left for this season on 26th April and 24th May.  April’s Beef Nite will have a slight change as Easter is the 3rd Friday of the month, Euchre will not be held on the 4th Friday so that Trivia Night can be held.  This is a much bigger event for the club and a lot of the Euchre players are trivia nuts as well.  Euchre will resume in May and then we always take June, July and August off, so the next Beef Nite after that will be 27th September.  Thanks to all our Beef Nite and Euchre patriots for making this another fantastic year.


Honours and Awards:  Congratulations go out to the following recipients:

Certificates of Appreciation:  Barb Smith, Beverly Westoby, Catherine Belmore, Jackie Ralston, Judy Hall-Wright, Stephanie Cooley and Sardi Pulliam.

Years of Service pins:  5 years – Janice Mancini, 30 years – Geri MacPhail, 35 years – LeeAnn Lampman

Trillium Pin Award:  Marie Kobylinski and Debbie Cooley

Well Done Ladies !!

Sports:  A very busy year for us.

Doubles Darts:  the team of Terrie Gubbins and Terry Kobylinski placed 5th at Districts and will be going on to Provincials in Whitby on 27th April.

Cribbage:  Zone Level:  the team of Sue Sklepowicz, Terry Kobylinski, Janice Mancini and Deb Gibbins placed 3rd.  The team of Barb Smith, Carly Arnold, Stephanie and Debbie Cooley placed 4th.  Both teams went on to Ridgeway to play Districts and had a fun day out.

Team Darts:  Zone Level:  the team of Terrie G., Terry K., Sue S. and Carly A. placed 2nd and the team of Janice M., Marie K., Stephanie C. and Deb C. placed 5th.  Both teams went on to Districts last Saturday (6th April).  Janice’s team placed 6th and will for sure be going on to Provincials in Callander on 22nd June.  Terrie’s team placed 7th and we are hoping they’ll be included in on this trip as well.  Fingers crossed.


And last but not least our Elections were held at our April meeting.  The results are as follows:

PRESIDENT:  Debbie Cooley                                   SECRETARY:  Sue Sklepowicz

VICE PRES:  Terry Kobylinski                                   TREASURER:  Gerry Hopkins

SGT.AT ARMS:  Barb Smith                                      EXECUTIVE:  Stephanie Cooley

                                                                                                          Marie Kobylinski

                                                                                                          Janice Mancini

                                                                                                          Terrie Gubbins

That’s my report for Ladies Auxiliary.  See you ‘round the club !!

Debbie Cooley - Branch 36 Ladies Auxiliary President




Ladies Auxiliary Report - February 2019

Dear Comrades, I hope your Christmas/New Years holiday went splendidly and wishing you and yours all the best for 2019.

Well, last night was the first monthly meeting of 2019 and your auxiliary came out swinging. We

served breakfast and lunch at the first of 3 snooker tournaments being hosted by the branch in January.

We are sending 2 teams to Zone cribbage on the 20th at Br. 163 Mt. Hamilton. Good luck ladies.

At the District Singles and Doubles darts tournament held in Port Rowan back in October, out of the 3 singles and 3 doubles teams we sent only 1 doubles team qualified to go on to Provincials. Congratulations to Terrie Gubbins and Terry Kobylinski. The rest of us girls just had a really good time.

At this time I would like to send out to everyone involved with our annual Christmas draw a HUGE heartfelt THANK YOU. Because of all the local vendors, craftsmen/women, the individual people that just wanted to contribute, for their generous donations towards our prize table, the sellers of tickets and the buyers of same, the Branch itself for donating the 3 turkeys that went with the food baskets and Turkey Dinner Fixings prize and an even bigger hug goes out to Judy Hall-Wright for her dedication towards keeping us all organized for this major event every year.

Because of these wonderful people, we were able to raise over $2,000. that went to provide a wonderful Christmas to 11 seniors in Blackadars nursing home, and we were able to give the Salvation Army a generous donation toward helping a local family have a great holiday too.

Our Honors and Awards dinner is coming up quickly so please check in at the branch for your tickets and see if you have a service pin due.

UPCOMING:  Beef on a Buin & Progressive Euchre Nights:  : Jan. 25th, Feb. 22nd, Mar. 22nd, Apr. 26th and May 24th.    Again, All the Best in 2019.  See you at the club

Debbie Cooley - President Branch 36 Ladies Auxiliary




Ladies Auxiliary Report - November 2018

Hello Comrades,

Your Ladies Auxiliary has come back this September with enthusiastic energy.  Our first Beef on a Bun night was a great success.  Thank you for your participation.

We hosted the L.A. Singles and Doubles Darts tournament.  Debbie Cooley came in first for Singles.  In Doubles Terry Kobylinski and Terry Gubbins placed 2nd.  Barb Smith and Stephanie Cooley placed 3rd and Debbie Cooley and Carly Arnold placed 4th. 

We welcomed Kim Bandy-Bollert to our fold tonight at our October meeting after she had a “trial by fire” on the September Beef on a Bun night.

The next Beef on a Bun nights are scheduled for 26th October, 23rd November and it will start again in the new year on the 25th January, 2019.

Judy Hall-Wright is working very hard to get our Annual Christmas Draw together and ready to start selling tickets on 5th November.

The Branch 36 Sports Turkey Roll and the Ladies Auxiliary Christmas Draw are to held on Friday, 7th December.  The doors will open at 7:00pm for purchase of draw tickets and the draws will start at 8:00pm.  Everyone is welcome to attend.

See you around the club.

Debbie Cooley - Branch 36 Ladies Auxiliary Presiden



Ladies Auxiliary Report - August 2018

Greetings Fellow Members and Families,

Hope this finds you enjoying your summer and keeping cool.  I can't believe it's already more than half over.  We'll soon be back to business as usual.

At our last Beef Night in May we also had our annual Spring B.B.Q. Fundraiser draw.  I wish to express to Canadian Tire our most heartfelt gratitude for their continued support with their generous donation of the B.B.Q. to which the Auxiliary added another $200's worth of meats spices, sauces and bbq accessories.  The winner this year was N.Mijalica from Hamilton.

In June, we ladies sent a team to Zone Euchre.  The team of Debbie Cooley, Barb Smith, Dana Dilabbio and Sue Sklepowicz came in third and will be going to District this fall.  Congrats ladies !!

As you know, we ladies take a well-deserved break for the summer so we can relax and refresh for the coming year of fundraisers and sports events.  So, just to prepare my ladies and for any who wish to participate, here is the fall 2018 schedule of coming events.

Meetings:  The 2nd Tuesday night at 7p.m. of each month in the Wentworth lounge at the front of the Legion starting on 11th September.

Beef Nites:  Will resume 28th September from 5:30 to 7:30pm.  Every Beef Nite is followed by an enjoyable evening of Progressive Euchre starting at 8pm - Come one, Come all.  (Also on 26th October and 23rd November.  There is no Beef Nite in December.),

Sports:  We are hosting Zone Singles and Doubles Darts on 23rd September with the hopes of sending some of our girls on to District on 17th November.

Our winners from June's Zone Euchre will be going to District on 20th October.

Annual Christmas Bazaar:  Yes, it's that time again.  For those who wish to donate crafts and/or prizes to this event, please contact Judy Hall-Wright who is convener of this event, or myself.  Please help us help some seniors and other families in our community, enjoy a wonderful Christmas season,

On a unhappier note.... We've had to say goodbye to a wonderful lady just a couple of weeks ago.  A member of the auxiliary since 1960, Kay Southall's ever cheerful smile and hard-working hands will be greatly missed.  Thanks Kay for your service and for countless wonderful memories.

Sejavascript:void(1)e ya round the club!                                                        

Debbie Cooley - Branch 36 Ladies Auxiliary President



Ladies Auxiliary Report - May 2018

Honours and Awards:  Congrats to Gerry Hopkins and Marie Kobylinski (who were there to receive), and Louise Moore, Pat Rochester, Sharon Pivonka and Mary Johnston (who couldn't make the Banquet) on receiving their 25 year service awards.  And to Nancy Gadoury on getting her 50 year pin.  And a special congratulations to Terry Kobylinski who received her Life Membership in Ladies Auxiliary.

Sports:  Last Saturday we had 2 teams play in the District Team Darts.  My team of Janice Mancini,Stephanie Cooley, Barb Smithand me - we had fun.  The team of Terrie Gubbins, Terry Kobylinski, Sue Sklepowicz and Carly Arnold came in 5th and will be going on to Provincial Team Darts in June.  Congrats Ladies.

Results of our L.A. Elections held tonight were:  President - Debbie Cooley, Vice President - Terry Kobylinski, Secretary - Sue Sklepowicz, Treasurer - Gerry Hopkins, Sports - Terry Kobylinski. 

We are hosting our Ladies Auxiliary Convention this Sunday.  Any major changes will have to wait to until the next issue of The Bullytin.

Yours in comradeship, 

Debbie Cooley - Branch 36 Ladies Auxiliary President



Ladies Auxiliary Report - February 2018

Greetings from your Ladies Auxiliary

Hope your Christmas season went without a hitch with family and friends to help make the season bright.  And Welcome to 2018!

I wish to thank all the vendors, buyers and sellers of draw tickets, and all those ones that put

their very talented hands to work making quilts, afghans, wooden figures, just to name a few of the hand-crafted items on the table, and a very special thank you to Judy Hall-Wright for all her hard work putting this event together.

Our total profit was well over the $2,100.  With this we were able to help a great few people in our community have a very Happy Holiday.

Our Beef nights will be back on track starting 26th January.  Please keep 23rd February, 23rd March, 27th April and 25th May open for our Beef nights and all of them are followed by a great evening of cards.

We have euchre following our Beef Nights and you can sign up at 7:35pm until we have all the players that are playing signed up.  Playing starts no later than 8 p.m.  It's $5 a person to play with money prizes to follow.

Till next we meet or write,

Debbie Cooley - President Branch 36 Ladies Auxiliary


Ladies Auxiliary Report - November 2017

Hello Comrades,

Hope this finds you enjoying our beautiful "fall" weather.  Seems we go straight from summer to winter these days.

We are now fully back into the swing of things in the Auxiliary.  We started with a phenomenal win in Singles and Doubles Darts.  Terry Kobylinski took 1st in singles in the morning, then with her partner Janice Mancini took 1st in doubles in the afternoon.  The rest of our players were no slouches either as we were placed within the top 10 all round (I think).  We'll know better when the Zone Sports Officer knows who will be going to Districts.

Our October Beef Nite will have an extra item on the menu for this month.  Octoberfest sausage served with sauerkraut and fries.  This was really well received last year so we like to keep our patrons happy.  That's Friday, 27th October folks.  Hope you'll all be there.

And last but NEVER least, Judy Hall-Wright has given the heads up for our Annual Christmas Fund Raiser draw.  Tables will be set up with fabulous prizes displayed for you to drop the tickets that will be for sale starting 2nd November and right thru to the Branch Christmas Turkey Roll on 1st December.  Our sellers will be able to serve you on any Monday night (snooker and darts), Thursday night (darts upstairs and down), Friday night (Fish Fry and Beef Nights), Saturday afternoons and a couple of Sunday afternoons.  Top prize this year is Android box for your TV AND a tablet.  All proceeds go to our Vets, Seniors and community to ensure they have a great Christmas Holiday Season.

Thank you in advance

Debbie Cooley - Branch 36 Ladies Auxiliary President



Ladies Auxiliary Report - August 2017

Greetings Legionaires,

 Hope you are all enjoying a safe and happy summer so far (date this was written 10th August).

Not too much to report right now, but plenty coming up in just a few weeks when we all get back to business as usual.

Flyers will be going out starting next week to all the local venues for donations to our annual Christmas Bazaar / Fund Raiser.  Tickets will be available by the end of October for you to put into prizes on the draw tables.  More on that as we get this set up and going. 

Beef on a Bun nights will be starting up again as well.  Hoping to see you y'all on 22nd September, 27th October and 24th November for the first 3 Beef Nites.  There isn't one in December as it's too close to Christmas.

And, of course, our monthly meetings will be re-convening 12th September, 10th October, 14th November and 12th December in the front lounge.  Those of you ladies wishing to join us help our Vets, our Branch and our community, please don't hesitate to ask for an application for membership. 

See ya 'round the club!                                                         

Debbie Cooley - Branch 36 Ladies Auxiliary President


Ladies Auxiliary Report - May 2017

Happy Spring Comrades,

Your Ladies Auxiliary has been keeping busy as usual.  For the last couple of months immediately following our Beef on a Bun Nights we've hosted a Progressive Euchre - at our first one in February there were only 3 tables, but word of mouth worked wonders and the following month (March) we had 10 tables.  It's $5 to register and depending on the turn-out generous prizes are handed out for top scores and most lone hands.  So come out and enjoy a wonderful Beef or Lasagna dinner and stay for a great night of cards.

I am writing this report immediately after returning from our April meeting and I can now tell you the results of our yearly elections.  President: Debbie Cooley,  Vice President: Terry Kobylinski, Treasurer:  Gerry Hopkins, Secretary:  Janice Mancini, Sgt. at Arms:  Barb Smith, Executive:  Marie Kobylinski, Geri McPhail, Judy Hall-Wright, Liz Portier, Terrie Gubbins. And Terry Kobylinski is also our Sports Officer.  Hope I haven't forgotten any one.

Our Treasurer Gerry is now home recuperating from knee surgery and we are all wishing her a speedy recovery.

Sports wise:  Terry K. and Terrie G. are heading to Kingston for Provincial Singles and Doubles darts on the 22nd of this month (April) so best of luck to them.  We had 2 teams that played in District team darts in Stoney Creek on April 1st and all we can say is we had a good time.  The same for the team that went on to District cribbage.  Just a lovely afternoon playing cards in Font Hill.

At the Honors and Awards luncheon, congrats to Shirley Arnold for receiving her 45 year pin, to Stephanie Cooley for receiving her 5 year pin and also her 10 year Legion pin.  And to Janice Mancini for receiving a Certificate of Appreciation.  And thanks to all my Ladies for presenting me with a Certificate of Merit.

Our next Beef Night is April 28th and the final one (until September) is May 26th.  Hope to see y'all there and please feel welcome to stay and play euchre after.

Sincerely Debbie Cooley - President of the Br. 36 Ladies Auxiliary 







Ladies Auxiliary Report - February 2017

I hope this finds everyone recovering nicely after the holiday season and enjoying a good 2017 so far.  Now it's back to business as usual.  At our meeting last tuesday (January 10) we welcomed Carly Arnold, and also welcomed back Barb Smith into our happy little group.

All reports from our Christmas fund raiser have been very favorable and have been distributed to all local seniors and families that needed a boost to their Christmas spirits.

Sports:  We played Cribbage yesterday (January 15) and our team came in 2nd.  Congratulations to my teammates Dana Dilabbio, Sue Sklepowicz and Barb Smith.  We are hosting Team Darts on February 12th here at the branch.  Good luck to all participants.

Beef Nights are back again starting January 27th, and again on February 24th.

Ladies (for those who missed January's meeting), the meeting for February will be on the 8th.  It would normally be the 14th, but some of us would like to spend Valentine-s with our loved ones so it has been rescheduled.  The 8th February is a Wednesday, but was the closest to our normal date for the majority of us.

Again - all the best for 2017 to you and yours.

Debbie Cooley - President Branch 36 Ladies Auxiliary


Ladies Auxiliary Report - November 2016

Greetings from your Ladies Auxiliary 

Hope everyone had a great summer. Now it's time to jump right back into business as usual.

Sports:  We had four of our ladies play in the Singles and Doubles Dart tournament in September.  The Doubles team of Terry Kobylinski and Terry Gubbins came in third and will be moving on, I believe in November.  Terry Kobylinski also took First place in the singles.   Congratulations Ladies. Well played.

On Saturday 15th October our team that placed fourth in Euchre in June will be going on to District Euchre in Acton.  Good Luck to Debbie Cooley, Janice Mancini, Dana Dilabbio and Sue Sklepowicz. 

We are also hosting the Zone sports meeting 16th October with a Fun Day to follow with both darts and cards.

Beef on a Bun Nights have started back already.  We will not be serving Perogies and cabbage rolls this 28th October but have decided to try Octoberfest Sausage and sauerkraut.  Please mark on your calendars the following dates for Beef nights: 25th November, 27th November, 27th January,24th February, 24th March, 28th April and 26th.  Hope to see you there. 

And last but never least, our annual Christmas draw will start to sell tickets on 3rd November for the full month.  Top prize this year is a little beer fridge with 2 gift certificates of $100.00 each for the Beer store and the L.C.B.O., some cheer to celebrate the Christmas season.  This draw helps us help the ones in our community that most need it at this time of year so please come out and buy tickets.  If you'd like to donate a prize as well please contact our Convener Judy Hall-Wright at 905-627-8374 or myself at 905-393-6341.  Thank you.

The final draw L.A. draw will be made during the Branch's annual Sports Turkey draw to be held on 2nd December, 2016.                                                       

Yours in Comradeship

Debbie Cooley - President, Branch 36 Ladies Auxiliary


Ladies Auxiliary Report - August 2016                                                                 

Well, another fiscal year has come to an end for the Branch 36 Ladies Auxiliary.

Elections were held and there are no changes to our Executive committee.  I'd like to thank all my ladies for the wonderful support and for doing their individual, voluntary jobs with such a seemingly effortless and efficient way, that makes my job easier.  I have such faith in you all that it's not hard to brag to any and all about how wonderful it is to work with such a fantastic group of girls.

We initiated a new member in May - Welcome to Liz Pottier.  We have passed a new application for membership in June and Debra Firthe will be initiated in September.  I also have it on good authority that we will be welcoming back a member from the past (Barb Smith) very soon.

We hosted L.A. Euchre on the 19th of June and our team of Janice Mancini, Dana Dilabbio, Sue Sklepowicz and myself came in 4th  so we will be going on to the District Euchre Tournament sometime this fall.

Meetings will recommence on Tuesday, 13th Septemenber at 7 pm in the front lounge.  Our Beef on a Bun nites will restart on Friday, 23rd September.  If I don't see or speak to you before that, don't forget that along with the Beef and Lasagna dishes, we will also serve Perogies and Cabbage Rolls at the Friday, 28th October event.

Here's wishing everyone a safe and wonderful summer.  See Y'all in the fall.

Debbie Cooley - Branch 36 Ladies Auxiliary President


News Flash: At the Ladies Auxiliary Elections held 12th April, 2016 all current Executive members were re-elected for the coming year.  Congratulations to everyone who volunteered and took part!


Ladies Auxiliary Report - May 2016

Happy Spring Everyone!  (I say this with tongue in cheek as I wait for a 15 - 20 cm. snowfall this afternoon).

As happens every year at this time your Auxiliary is preparing for a few final events to round off our 2015 -16 schedule.  On April 12th we will hold our annual Ladies Auxiliary elections, so ladies please think of where you would like to participate and step up to bat. 

We also have a very important Zone Convention meeting coming up on the 17th April, where all the Ladies Auxiliaries in our Zone will report to Command about our many accomplishments throughout the past year.

We will start selling tickets for our annual Spring BBQ draw on 4th April.  This draw has helped support our many charitable donations, so please help us help those that need our aid, and maybe get a new BBQ, utensils, meat order and condiments etc.. 

We have 2 Beef on a Bun nights left for this season on 22nd April and 27th May.  The Spring BBQ draw will be held at the 27th May Beef on a Bun night.   We hope to see everyone at both of these events.  Good food and good fun will be had by all.

Yesterday (April 2nd) the dart team of Debbie Cooley, Marie Kobylinski, Stephanie Cooley and Janice Mancini went to Br. 622 Stoney Creek and came in 8th out of 32 teams.  I'm not sure if it's enough to go on to Provincials in June but we had fun trying.  This was just one of the perks of joining the Auxiliary - gathering together for good times with good people and not only exchanging good cheer but some great ideas as well. 

We welcome any new-comers to participate, and bring any new ideas to our attention so that we may better serve our Branch and the surrounding community.

Hoping to see you around the Branch real soon.

Debbie Cooley - Branch 36 Ladies Auxiliary President


Ladies Auxiliary Report - February 2016

Happy New Year Everyone!  May 2016 be a great year for Branch 36 members and all their families and friends.

As our (the Ladies Auxiliary's) monthly meeting isn't till the day after this report is due, this should be short and sweet.

Thanks to conveners Judy Wright and Yvonne Palmer and our volunteers, our Annual Christmas Extravaganza draw was a great success.  This went to bringing many Veterans, seniors and others some holiday cheer.  A huge amount of this "Thank You" goes to all the donations to the draw and the buyers of tickets. Congrats to all the winners too.

Beef on a bun nights will resume again on January 22nd. Here's a list of the Beef Nights to mark on your new 2016 calendars. - Jan. 22, Feb. 26, Mar. 18, April 22 and May 27. ***PLEASE NOTE: Yes our Beef Nights are usually the 4th Friday of the month but because Easter is in March this year and Good Friday is the 4th Friday, we moved it to the 3rd Friday. Hope to see you all there.

Ladies, if you would like to join our group and get this great feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction from serving our branch, our veterans and our community, please talk to any current member and we'll get you set up with an application a.s.a.p.  Personally speaking, as a member of over 35 years, you really can't get a better feeling.

Ladies Auxiliary Report - November 2015

Dear Comrades.

I hope this finds you all well.  Our new season has started and our first Beef on a Bun nite (Sept. 25th) was a great success thanks to all both behind the scenes and those who came with their appetites.  Our October Beef nite on the 23rd will also have perogies by Terry Kobylinski and cabbage rolls by Terrie Gubbins recipes.  The last couple of years this October event has been very successful.

November's Beef nite is on the 27th and as there isn't one in December as it's too close to Christmas our next one isn't till January 22nd.  Again thanks to all our patrons for helping us raise monies for the branch and our community.

Our annual Christmas fund raiser is right this minute getting under way, thanks to convenor Judy Hall-Wright.  Some of our local venders, venues and our own members have already been donating prizes.  Tickets should be available by the end of Oct./beginning of Nov. and will be sold right up to and including the night of the draw at the branch's annual Christmas turkey draw (Dec. 4th I believe).

Please come out and put your tickets into whatever prize you'd like to win.  These proceeds go towards supporting a family thru out this holiday season and also towards some veteran seniors that don't have any family nearby.  So please come out and make some very deserving people have a better holiday season at a time when things can get very stressful.

Again thanks to my very hard working Ladies and to all our supporters.

Yours in Comradeship

Debbie Cooley - President, Branch 36 Ladies Auxiliary President

Ladies Auxiliary Report - August 2015                                                            

Greetings Comrades, 

I hope this finds you all enjoying a great summer and sucessfully keeping cool during this heat wave.  The auxiliary is on vacation too, for July and August, but are looking forward to beginning another banner year starting on Sept. 8th.

Sportswise, we had to forgo our trip to Kirkland Lake on June 5th due to conflicts in schedules for 3 of our 4 players.  One of the conflicts was Gerry Hopkins' knee surgery. We are hoping she is enjoying a very relaxing and recuperating summer. 

In Euchre on June 21st at Branch 163 Mount Hamilton our team of Debbie Cooley, Janice Mancini, Marion Hunt and Dana Dilabbio came in first!!  Congrats ladies.  Now when we get back to business in September we'll have to book next year's Euchre tournament for here at our own Branch.

Also coming in September our Beef on a Bun nights start up again on the 25th.  Remember the 4th Friday of every month is Beef night, (with the exception of December as that's too close to Christmas).  We also have the Ladies Single and Doubles tournament near the end of that month too. 

In the next Bullytin I will be listing all coming events for the next few months.

Till then... 

Yours in Comradeship,

Debbie Cooley - Branch 36 Ladies Auxiliary President

Ladies Auxiliary Report - May 2015

Hello Comrades All,

Your Auxiliary has been keeping pretty busy.

Congrats to all the recipients of years of service award pins at the Honours and Awards dinner.  It was also the Auxiliary's 70th Birthday party, and a special congrats to Kay Southall for her 50 years of service pin and to Sue Sklepowicz for receiving the Trillium pin.

The Beef on Bun nights are doing very well.  We've recently added Poutine to the menu.  Only $3 for a plate of fries with gravy and mozzarella cheese on top.  $5 if you want shredded beef added (this is a great meal in itself).  Our Beef Nights are soon coming to an end for this season.  Only April 24th and May 22nd left to get your fill of our delicious beef or lasagna, then you'll have to wait until September 25th.

Sports wise we are doing great.  Terry Kobylinski will be heading to Provincial Singles Darts on the weekend of our Beef Night on Friday, 24th April, so be patient with us as one of our chief cooks goes to Smith Falls to represent us all.  (Not to worry, Terry has been training a few more volunteers to cover for her.)

Both of our dart teams are going on to District darts on April 11th  in Georgetown.   So good luck to Terry, Terrie, Dana and Sue AND also to Debbie, Marie, Janice and Stephanie.  Provincials for this event are going to be in London.

In Cribbage, our team of Debbie, Gerry, Terry and Terrie came in 3rd at Districts in Ridgeway on March 14th so will be going to Kirkland Lake for Provincials on June 6th.  The best of luck to all teams representing Dundas Branch 36 of the Royal Canadian Legion.  And have loads of fun too.

Debbie Cooley - Branch 36 Ladies Auxiliary President

Ladies Auxiliary Report - February 2015

I hope this finds everyone recuperating from a very Merry Christmas and New Year's holiday.  Now it's back to business as usual.

Our annual Christmas fund raiser was its usual success.  We were able to do quite a bit for our vets and community to assure that they enjoyed some Christmas cheer.  Together with the Salvation Army we helped a local family out with food, drink and some gifts.  We put together some Christmas gifts for some seniors in the Blackadar Nursing Home that have no family to think of them at this time of year.

I would again like to thank everyone who contributed their time, handy work, crafts and donations of prizes and gift certificates.  They truly help us to help others in a more substantial way.

Two of our ladies, Gerry Hopkins and Terrie Gubbins, have done an amazing job visiting our local elementary schools and getting letters from them out to our vets to thank them for their services to our great country.  Great Job Ladies !

Sports:  Terrie Kobylinski is now going on to Provincial Singles Darts in April, and we hosted Zone Cribbage on 11th January.  Our team of Gerry Hopkins, Terry Kobylinski, Terrie Gubbins and myself came in 6th and will be going on to our District level tournament in Ridgeway in March.

We have Zone Team Darts coming up on 15th February at Stoney Creek Branch 662.  We usually have fun playing in this, so Good Luck Ladies.

Till next Bullytin, yours in comradeship

Debbie Cooley - Branch 36 Ladies Auxiliary President





Ladies Auxiliary Report - November 2014

Hello from your Ladies Auxiliary.  Well, we've hit the new business year running.  Our September meeting was a poor turnout as we had a few still on vacation and a few that were under the weather,  but despite that we managed to get the ball rolling.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to our shut-ins and hope that we'll see them soon.

Our September 26th Beef Nite was very well received and we were kept hopping for nearly the full 2 hours.  Thanks to all for coming and we hope you will be there again for October 24th as we will not only have our usual beef and lasagna dinners but we will also be having our annual perogy and cabbage roll dinners on the menu.

The preparations for our annual Fund Raising event have also started in earnest.  Letters have gone out to all the local venues and crafters of Dundas and area.  Tickets should be ready to sell by the end of October and through November.  So come in and see what all the prizes are this year and put your tickets in whatever prizes you wish to win.  Our top prize this year is a laptop computer and wireless printer.  So come out and get your tickets and remember ALL proceeds from this draw go to our local veterans and community.

See you at the Legion                           

Debbie Cooley - Branch 36 Ladies Auxiliary President

Ladies Auxiliary Report - August 2014

Comrades, please bear with me as I try to write this, my first report for the Legion's Bullytin.

I hope this finds all enjoying or having had enjoyed a wonderful and safe summer season.  As I write this, it's only  just coming to the end of July.  It's very hard to believe that in about 6 very short weeks it will back to business as usual.

As always, we are constantly looking for ladies to join our little auxiliary and enjoy the satisfaction we all share in helping our Veterans and community.  There are a great many benefits that go with serving these most deserved recipients as well.  Feel free to contact or talk to any of our ladies at any time and see how you can get involved.

Coming events are as follows: 

Monthly Beef on a Bun nights - on the third Friday of the month (26th September, 24th October and  28th November), where orders are taken from 5:30pm until 7:30pm.  There is no Beef on a Bun night in December as it's too close to Christmas.

7th Annual Penny Sale Fundraiser - Tickets will be available for you to buy and select which prize(s) you wish to win for the full month of November with the draws taking place at Branch 36's Annual Turkey draw on the first Friday in December(5th December).

The Ladies Auxiliary will start monthly meetings to discuss the distribution of funds raised to Veterans and the community.  Each meeting is held on the second Tuesday of the month (9th September, 14th October, 11th November and 9th December), at 7pm in the Wentworth room at the Branch and you are all invited to attend.

Oh yes, we can't forget that the Beef on a Bun menu in October will include Terry Kobylinski's famous perogies and cabbage rolls.  Please make sure you put all the dates listed above on your personal calendars and we'll see you at any or all of the events listed.  And thank you in advance for your wonderful support of our organization.

Debbie Cooley - Branch 36 Ladies Auxiliary President


Ladies Auxiliary Report - May, 2014

The last two beef nights for this season will take place on Friday April 25th and Friday May 23rd.  Come on out and enjoy a night with family and friends.

We are having our first LA Spring Draw this year.  The draw consists of a Master Chef Barbeque, Box of Meat, Barbeque Utensils and Barbeque Sauces.  You can buy 1 ticket for $2.00 or 3 tickets for $5.00.  The draw will run from March 28th through to May 23rd.  We will have the draw at our final beef night.  Please come out and help us help our community!!!!

In February we once again sent out Valentines for Vets to our local Veterans.  It is our way of saying we Remember throughout the year.

We have two teams participating in the LA District dart tournament in Waterford.  Good luck to both teams.

Congratulations to Dana DiLabbio on receiving her Trillium pin at the Honours & Awards/LA Birthday banquet.  A well deserved accomplishment.  Thanks for all your hard work.

We are always looking for new members.  If you are someone who loves to help your community then come on out and help us do just that.  If you need any information or have any questions regarding the LA please contact me.  We have contributed back to the Dundas community in numerous ways and we are always looking for new and innovative ideas.

Branch 36 Ladies Auxiliary held our elections in early April. 

Those elected are listed below and will start in their new positions on 1st June, 2014:

Debbie Cooley - President

Terry Kobylinski - 1st Vice President and Sports Officer

Sue Sklepowicz - 2nd Vice President and Membership

Gerry Hopkins - Treasurer

Dana DiLabbio - Secretary

Lorrie Deneau - Sergeant at Arms

Judy Hall-Wright - Executive Member

Marion Hunt - Executive Member

Marie Kobylinski - Executive Member

Thank you to everyone for your ongoing support.

Yours in Comradeship,

Terrie Gubbins - Branch 36 Ladies Auxiliary President




Ladies Auxiliary Report - February, 2014


The Ladies Auxiliary would like to thank everyone who donated to our annual draw, individuals and

businesses alike.  Without you we wouldn't be able to accomplish all of the things that we do each LA

season.  We would also like to thank all of the members who manned the tables throughout the

duration of the draw, handing out letters to our local businesses and doing any pick-ups required.

Lastly, we would like to thank Terry Kobylinski, Dana DiLabbio, Judy Hall-Wright and Jennifer Brooks for doing all the leg work to make it happen.

Because of our annual draw we were able to purchase Christmas gifts for seniors without families at Blackadar's Nursing Home.  We were also able to provide a Dundas family with Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas morning breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as enough Christmas gifts for a family of four and Boxing Day breakfast all through the Salvation Army.  When hearing about a Dundas family who lost everything in a fire right before Christmas we reached out and donated towards helping them.  We will be able to continue our increased donation to the Ontario Bursary to assist the students towards their education and in turn their futures.  It is planned to continue the Valentines for Vets as well.

This year we asked all of the elementary schools within the Dundas community if they would be interested in having their classes write a letter to a Veteran or a Soldier currently serving.  On Remembrance Day we went to the various schools and picked up a total of 153 letters.  We sent these letters to Veterans within our community as well as to Soldiers in various countries around the World.  We have received responses and those have been forwarded on to the schools.  It was quite an uplifting experience and we thank all of the students for taking the time to Remember.

Our upcoming Beef on a Bun nights are as follows:  January 24th, February 28th, March 28th, April 25th and May 23rd. 

Please watch for various additions from time to time.  Thank you for your ongoing support.

Zone Darts will be held on February 16th at Branch 551.  Good luck to all that attend.

We really need some new members to help us continue our efforts to serve our Branch and our community.  If you have any questions about becoming a member please call me and I'd be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.  Believe it or not we're not all about making sandwiches.

Yours in Comradeship,

Terrie Gubbins - Branch 36 Ladies Auxiliary President


Ladies Auxiliary Report - November 2013 


We held our first Beef on a Bun night on Friday September 27th and it went over very well.  PLEASE NOTE THE DATE CHANGE FOR THE OCTOBER BEEF NIGHT.  Our October Beef Night will be held on Friday October 18th and it includes Beef on a Bun, Lasagna Roll Ups, Homemade Cabbage Rolls and Homemade Perogies.  So come on out and enjoy an evening of great food with some family, friend's or both.  There will be NO Beef Night held in December.

The November and January 2014 Beef on a Bun night will be back to the fourth Friday of the month.


We are striving to continue to give Christmas gifts to seniors in Dundas without any family who are in a local Dundas Nursing Home.  We are also hoping to continue to provide Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas Day breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as Christmas gifts for a family of four and Boxing Day breakfast for a Dundas Family in Need.  Your help and support would help us to meet this goal.


We attended the LA Singles and Doubles Zone Tournament at Br. 163.  Congratulations to Sue Sklepowicz & Dana DiLabbio for place third, Terry Kobylinski & Terrie Gubbins for placing 4th and Debbie & Stephanie Cooley for placing 5th in the Doubles.  Debbie Cooley also qualified to move on in the Singles.  They all will be going on to District in Welland on November 16th.  Good luck to everyone.


Please REMEMBER our Veterans on Remembrance Day!


Your in Comradeship,


Terrie Gubbins - Branch 36 Ladies Auxiliary President




Ladies Auxiliary Report - August 2013


We hope everybody had a safe and healthy summer.  Another season is beginning and we're expecting to be busy as usual.  The Beef on Bun nights will continue as alwars on the following dates: September 27th, October 25th and November 22nd.  So mark these dates on your calendar and come out and enjoy some wonderful food with friends and family.  Throughout the season we will be adding different menu items to our usual Beef on a Bun night so please watch for these every now and then.


During the month of November our annual draw will hopefully take place as usual.  Please watch for any notices around the legion.  Last season because of the generous donations from our community and our members we were able to do some wonderful things.  We purchased Christmas gifts for seniors without families in Blackadar's Nursing Home.  We donated to the Salvation Army to be able to provide Christmas for a Dundas family in need and we also sent out Valentines to Vets.  We would love to see all of these projects keep going as well as increase if possible.  Hopefully we can once again give back to our community this coming season.


The sports season will start up again in September with the Singles and Doubles Zone Dart Tournament on September 22nd at Branch 58.  Good luck to all that participate.


We are desperate for members.  If you or anyone you know has any questions about joining the LA please don't hesitate to contact me.  We do some wonderful things with the resources we have and if you're interested in helping us help our community it would be great to have you.


Yours in Comradeship,


Terrie Gubbins - Branch 36 Ladies Auxiliary President



Ladies Auxiliary Report - April 2013


The Ladies Auxiliary have been busy this season thus far.  For Christmas we purchased gifts for seniors without any family.  We also supplied a family in need with food and gifts for Christmas.  In February we sent out Valentines for Vets to the legion members from World War II and the Korean War.  These Valentines were well received.


The April Beef on a Bun night had to be cancelled unfortunately.  The May Beef on a bun night will go ahead as normal.


The Honours & Awards night went well.  We handed out a 60 year pin for Ethel Lampman to her daughter Sandra Lampman, a 45 year pin to Nancy Gadoury, 20 year pins to Gerry Hopkins, Marie Kobylinski and Sharon Pivonka and a 10 year pin to Pat Raynsford.  We also handed out 3 Trillium pins to Gerry Hopkins, Terry Kobylinski and Terrie Gubbins.  Congratulations to all.


We have 2 dart teams attending Fonthill for the District Team Dart Tournament and we have the double team of Sue Skelpowicz and Dana Dilabbio as well as Terry Kobylinski for singles all going to Kirkland Lake at the end of April for Singles & Doubles Provinicials.  Good luck to all.


If you have any questions about the LA please don't hesitate to contact me.


Yours in Comradeship,


Terrie Gubbins � Branch 36 Ladies Auxiliary President


Ladies Auxiliary Report - February 2013


I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year.  This year we gave gifts to seniors without families in a local nursing home.   I dropped the gifts off at the nursing home so that the seniors would have them to open on Christmas morning.  We also gave a Dundas Family in need all the food they would need for the Christmas Holidays.  We want to see this increase in the upcoming seasons and would love to see your support in helping us achieve our goals.

Membership and Dues

We accept membership dues all year long.  If you are 71 years of age or older you are eligible to pay our seniors rate of $12.00.  All regular memberships are $14.00.  If you have any questions regarding membership dues please contact us. 

Upcoming Meetings and Events

Tuesday 12th Feb. - Monthly Meeting

Sunday 17th Feb. - Zone Team Darts at Br.36 - we are hosts

Friday 22nd Feb. - Beef Night

Tuesday 12th Mar. Monthly Meeting

Friday 22nd Mar. - Beef Night



On Saturday November 17th Terry Kobylinski, Debbie Cooley and Stephanie Cooley attended the Acton Legion for the Singles District Dart Tournament.  Terry placed 5th.  On the same day the doubles teams of Terry Kobylinski and Terrie Gubbins and Sue Sklepowicz and Dana Dilabbio attended as well.  Sue and Dana placed 6th.  All qualifying will be heading to Kirkland Lake in April.


Beef on a Bun Nights

Thanks to all who helped in October with the preparation of Cabbage Rolls and Perogies because without your hard work we couldn't have pulled it off.  Keep your eyes and ears open for upcoming surprises being added on Beef nights.  The upcoming Beef nights are as follows:  January 25th, February 22nd and March 22nd.  The start time is 5:30pm.


Birthday Banquet and Honours and Awards

The Birthday Banquet & Honours and Awards is being held on Saturday March 2nd.  Please watch for tickets going on sale at the legion.  If you are entitled to a pin we will be contacting you. 


Annual Draw

Our Annual Draw was a HUGE success - it's amazing what can be done when we all pull together.  We had some wonderful prizes on the tables which peaked the interest of everyone.  A huge thank you to Suzi Murphy and Dana Dilabbio for pulling it all together and making it the wonderful draw that it was.  Thank you to all the volunteers manned the draw table throughout the month of November.  It was greatly appreciated.  The Dundas Merchants were a huge help towards our draw this year and it's great to see how involved they became.  Great job everyone!!!!



If you are aware of any Member who is ill at home or in the

hospital PLEASE CALL Comrade Anne Hayes.  Comrade Anne will mail them a card.  Also, this applies to any deceased Member and immediate family members.  If we are not made aware of these we are not able to send sympathy cards and/or donations in memory of.  THANK YOU!


Terry Gubbins - Ladies Auxiliary President



2012 - Ladies Auxiliary Draw - scheduled for Friday, 7th December - get your tickets now - click here for list of sponsors and prizes





Ladies Auxiliary Report - November 2012

Well the LA season is underway and we are pretty busy.  The beef on a bun nights are back in action once again.  This year there will be a few changes with different menu items being added every now and again.  Please watch monthly for the upcoming dinner.  The next Beef on a Bun nights are as follows; October 26th and November 23rd.  There is no beef night in December.  We're planning a homemade cabbage roll and perogy night either in October or November so keep your ears open and come on out and enjoy.

Our annual draw will take place once again this year throughout the month of November beginning on November 1st.  The final draw will take place on Friday, December 7th.  Dana Dilabbio and Suzi Murphy have worked very hard to pull it all together and we have some wonderful prizes this year already.  Thank you to everyone who took letters around in the summer to get the ball rolling and to help make it a success.

We hosted Zone Singles and Doubles Darts on September 23rd.  In the Doubles the team of Terry Kobylinski and Terrie Gubbins placed 2nd and Dana Dilabbio and Sue Sklepowicz placed 8th.  As for the Singles Deb Cooley placed 2nd, Terry Kobylinski placed 4th, Stephanie Cooley placed 8th and Sue Sklepowicz placed 11th.  Congratulations to all and good luck at District on November 17th in Acton.

As we all know November 11th is Remembrance Day.  Please remember our fallen.

We are always looking for new members.  If you have any questions about the LA please don't hesitate to contact me.                                    

Terrie Gubbins - Ladies Auxiliary President


Ladies Auxiliary Report - August, 2012                           

Summer is going by fast and we hope that everyone is having a safe and healthy summer.

Before we know it we'll be back in full swing once again.  The Beef nights will be back with

added and different menu items from time to time. 

Keep an eye out each month for an update on what we're serving.  The dates are as follows:  September 28th, October 26th and November 23rd

Once again the LA will be holding their annual draw throughout the month of November.  The draw has been a huge success in the past and we would like to keep that motivation going.  If you are interested in donating towards the draw please contact me.  Watch for notices around the branch for the dates and let's make this draw as successful as past years.

On the sports front the LA will be hosting the LA Singles and Doubles Zone Dart Tournament on Sunday September 23rd.  Good luck to all that participate.

The LA is always looking for new members with new and fresh ideas.  If you are interested in becoming a member please contact us so we can answer any questions or misconceptions you may have.

Yours in Comradeship,

Terrie Gubbins

Ladies Auxiliary President

Marg Festing's long membership in Ladies Auxiliary recognized - click to see pictures
Ruth River's long membership in Ladies Auxiliary recognized - click to see pictures 

Ethel Lampman's long membership in Ladies Auxiliary recognized - click to see pictures


Ladies Auxiliary Election Results - 2012-2013


President...........................................................Terrie Gubbins - 1-519-448-9930

Secretary............................................................Dana DiLabbio

Sgt.-at-Arms.......................................................Lorrie Deneau

1st Vice President............................................Sue Sklepowicz

2nd Vice President & Sports Officer...........Terry Kobylinski

Treasurer............................................................Gerry Hopkins

Membership.......................................................Debbie Cooley


Executive Members

Ann Hayes

Marion Hunt

Pat Raynsford

Suzi Murphy

Marie Kobylinski



Ladies Auxiliary Report - April, 2012                                     


The Ladies Auxiliary has been very busy these past few months with hosting many sporting events.  This is good for our LA as well as for the branch.  We hosted the District Team Dart Tournament on Saturday April 14th.  This brought 128 dart players from all around to our legion and we gave them a warm welcome.  On April 28th Terry Kobylinski and Terrie Gubbins will be attending the Provincial Singles and Doubles Dart Tournament in Aurora.  Good luck to all who are playing in these sporting events.


On April 22nd we hosted the LA Zone Convention which brought many comrades from other LA's to our branch.


Back on March the 3rd we celebrated our 67th Birthday in conjunction with the branch Honours

and Awards.  At this event we handed out the following service pins:  Marg Festing 50 years,

Shirley Arnold 40 years and Marion Hunt 15 years.  The following people were unable to attend but will be receiving their pin in the near future:  Ruth Rivers 55 years and Arleen Gross 35 years.  Congratulations to all and thank you for your continued support. 


The Beef on a Bun, Lasagna roll-up nights have been consistent and going well.  The final nights for this season will be Friday April 27th and Friday May 25th.  Please come out and enjoy a great meal and help support the Branch all at the same time.  Watch for notices around the legion and in your email as May just might bring a surprise.


The LA is always looking for new members.  If you or anybody you know is interested please don't hesitate to contact me.


Yours in Comradeship,


Terrie Gubbins � Branch 36 Ladies Auxiliary President



Ladies Auxiliary Report - February 2012


The Ladies Auxiliary has been very busy this year.  Our Beef on a Bun nights have been going extremely well and the addition of the Lasagna Roll-ups has been a wonderful one.  Moving forward we will be offering sliced beef on a bun as well as pulled beef on a bun

for those guests that would like one or other.  The dates for our upcoming Beef nights

are:  February 24th, March 23rd, April 27 and May 25th.  Thank you for all of your support, 

we greatly appreciate it.


Our annual draw was a phenomenal success.  A huge thank you to Dana Dilabbio for

taking on this huge task and to Suzie Mellen for all the wrapping, and pulling it all

together.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank the organizations and members

who made a donation towards our draw this year.  Without you the draw would not be a success.  Many thanks also to those of you that took your time out to man the table and

sell the tickets.  Your contribution is invaluable.  Lastly a great big thank you to the bartenders who helped us out in many, many ways.  We thank everyone for their support

and help.


Do you have extra Canadian Tire money lying around?  If so, consider donating it to our auxiliary and we can put it to good use.  We will now be collecting Canadian Tire money

as an ongoing fundraiser to help achieve our goals.  Please watch for a box in the legion

to put your money.


This year we are hosting the LA Zone Cribbage Tournament, the LA Zone Dart Tournament

and the LA District Dart Tournament.  This means we have a very busy few months ahead

of us.  Good luck to all players in all of the tournaments.


The Ladies Auxiliary is always looking for members.  If you have any questions in regards

to our organization please don't hesitate to contact me.  Also, keep your eye out for an upcoming flyer all about the LA.  It will hopefully be very informative and full of information

all about who we are and what we do.  Lastly, if you have any suggestions for us we would welcome your thoughts.


Yours in Comradeship


Terrie Gubbins - L.A.President



Ladies Auxiliary Report  - November, 2011


The LA beef on a bun nights are under way and we are pleased to introduce Lasagna Roll-Ups as a second choice on our menu.  Please come out and enjoy a hot meal for a great price and bring the family along with you.


The upcoming beef nights are as follows:  October 28th, November 25th, January 27th, 2012 and February 24th, 2012.  Please note there is no beef on a bun night in December.


Our annual draw will once again be underway beginning in the first week of November.  Please keep an eye for signs around the Legion and watch for some wonderful items once again this year.  The draw will run throughout the month of November and the final draw date will take place on Friday December 2nd at the Legion Turkey Roll.


Congratulations to Terry Kobylinski and Terrie Gubbins for placing 1st in the LA Singles and Doubles Dart Tournament.  Debbie Cooley and Bettina Slaught placed 3rd, Dana Dilabbio and Sue Sklepowicz placed 4th and Lorrie Deneau and Marie Kobylinski placed 6th.  Way to go everyone.  As for the singles, Terry Kobylinski placed 5th and Terrie Gubbins placed 6th.  Good luck to all at the District Tournament which will be held at Br. 58 on November 19th.


It is that time of year to start thinking about renewing memberships.  All senior members pay $12.00 and all regular members pay $14.00.  Please have all dues paid and up to date by December 31st, 2011.


If you have any questions about the LA please don't hesitate to contact me.


Yours in Comradeship,


Terrie Gubbins - LA President



Ladies Auxiliary Report  - August 2011


Another LA season is beginning and we hope everyone had a safe, happy and healthy summer.  The first meeting of the season will be held on Tuesday September 13th, 2011 at 7:00 p.m.


The beef on a bun nights will continue and on the first beef night we will have an added menu item.  Beef nights run from 5:30 until 7:30 so please come out and enjoy.  The upcoming beef nights are as follows:


Friday September 23rd, Friday October 28th and Friday November 25th.


We will also be holding our annual draw again this year so please keep an eye open for draw dates.  Once again there will be some great prizes to be won.


We are always open to new ideas so please don't hesitate to come to us with an idea and we'll see if we can make it come to light.  If you or anyone you know would be interested in becoming a LA member please come and talk to us.  We would be happy to answer any questions in regards to this.


Your in Comradeship,


Terrie Gubbins - LA President


Ladies Auxiliary Report - April, 2011

Our final beef on a bun night will be held on Friday May 27th from 5:30 until 7:30.  Come on out and enjoy a great dinner for $8 and the Legion usually has entertainment as well.


These nights will commence again in September.  Our fall Beef nights will be held on Friday September 23rd, Friday October 28th and Friday November 25th.


We have been doing quite well in the area sports.  We placed 1st in the Zone Cribbage Tournament and went on to the District Tournament where we placed 6th and get to go on to Provincials. 


We also placed 1st in the District Singles and Doubles Dart Tournament and will be going on to Provincials at the end of April.


To top it all off we placed 1st and 2nd in the Zone Team Dart Tournament and then went on to District where we placed 1st.


We will be hosting the Zone Cribbage, Zone Team Dart and District Team Dart tournaments in 2012.  Congratulations to all who participated and good luck in the upcoming tournaments. 


We visited Ethel Lampman and presented her with her 50 year pin as well as her 55 year bar.  The visit went really well and I'd like to thank Gerry Hopkins and Terry Kobylinski in joining me for the presentation.  We will also be visiting Ruth Rivers to present her 50 year pin in the near future.  I'd like to congratulate the following members for receiving their years of service pins as well:  Pauline Whittaker - 35 year pin, Arlene Gross - 30 year pin and Dana Dilabbio -15 year pin.


Our annual draw will be back again in the fall and we are looking forward to having many great prizes up for grabs. 


I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of our members for all of their hard work throughout the LA season.  I'd also like to thank the Legion for their continued support.


Yours in Comradeship,


Terrie Gubbins - President - Ladies Auxiliary



Ladies Auxiliary Report - February, 2011


Well a New Year is underway and as usual we are very busy.  Our upcoming beef on a bun nights are as follows:  January 28th, February 25th and March 25th.  Please join us and fill yourself up with a wonderful meal for only $8.


Our team of Terry Kobylinski, Gerry Hopkins, Debbie Cooley and Terrie Gubbins placed 1st in the LA Zone Cribbage Tournament held at Branch 163 on January 16th.  Congratulations ladies.  Good luck at District in Ridgeway on March 12th.


The team of Terry Kobylinski and Terrie Gubbins placed 1st in the District Doubles Dart Tournament held in November at Branch 163.  Congratulations ladies and good luck at Provinicials which will be held on April 23rd in Corunna.


The LA Zone Team Dart Tournament will be held at Branch 58 on Sunday February 20th.  Good luck to all our members who will be participating.


If there is anybody out there who is interested in becoming a member or who would like information please contact us.  We would be more then happy to answer any and all questions.


Yours in Comradeship,


Terrie Gubbins - President - Ladies Auxiliary



The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 36 Dundas 

Ladies Auxiliary 


3rd Annual Draw Winners 


The Ladies Auxiliary would like to thank everybody for their contribution and support during our annual draw and would like to congratulate the winners!                                                                                  

Food Hamper  -  Penny Monk 

Christmas Bonanza  -  Barb Kirkland 

Wayne Gretzkey Portrait  -  Marilyn Ouellette 

Hand-made Jewellery  -  Debbie Held 

Theatre Aquarius Tickets  -  Maureen Britz 

Dinner and Wine Tour  -  Sandy (Dana�s Work) 

Boxing/Fitness Membership  -  Robert Klodg 

Photo Sitting  -  Libby Avery 

Basket of Treats  -  Debbie Cooley 

Limo Service  -  John Blair 

Kings Cross Basket  -  Kelly Scott 

Vase  -  Joyce Morden 

Donnelly�s Pub Package  -  Lynn Horner 

Sirius Radio  -  Randy Knast 

Golf Northland Package  -  Joy Rutherford 

Turkey Dinner with Fixings  -  Don Newton 

Ti-Cat Jersey  -  Don Hall 

Merchants of Dundas GC�s  -  Lena Holtved 

Barbeque  -  Craig Rogers 

We would like to take this opportunity to wish everybody a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



Ladies Auxiliary Report - November, 2010


The Ladies Auxiliary draw is currently underway and going very well.  The final draw date is Friday December 3rd and coincides with the Legion Turkey Roll.  Come on in and check out the prizes.  You get 25 tickets for just $5 and you get to choose which prize(s) you want to put your tickets into.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dana Dilabbio for all of her hard work and dedication.  We wish everybody good luck and we want to thank you for making this draw a wonderful success.


Our next beef on a bun will be held on Friday November 26th from 430 to 730.  There will NOT be a beef on a bun held in December but then we will be back again in January.  The first three 2011 dates are as follows:  January 28th, February 25th and March 25th.  Thanks to all who attend for your ongoing support.


The LA District Singles and Doubles Dart Tournament is being held at Branch 163.  Good luck to all our ladies who qualified.


Working as a team helps us reach our goals.  If we don't work together it effects us all.


Yours in Comradeship,


Terrie Gubbins - President - Ladies Auxiliary



Ladies Auxiliary Report - November 2010


Ladies Auxiliary's 3rd Annual Penny Sale draw will be on Friday 3rd December at the Legion Sports Turkey Roll.


Tickets are $5 for 25 tickets) from any Auxiliary member.  You do not need to be present to win.


Tickets will also be on sale at the Branch on the following dates: 

Monday 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th November from 7:30-9:00pm

Thursday 4th November from 7:30-8:30pm

Thursday 11th November from 12:30pm-2:00pm and from 7:30-8:30pm

Thursday 18th, 25th November from 7:30-8:30pm

Friday - 12th November at the Fish Fry from 4pm-6pm

Friday - 26th November at the Beef on a Bun from 5pm to 7pm


and at all Saturday meat draws in November from 3:00-6:00pm


Prizes are as follows:

1.  Large new BBQ with a $25.00 gift certificate from Cumbrae's meats.
2.  2 Tickets to Theatre Aquarius 2011 season - from Theatre Aquarius
3.  Sirius Radio Satellite - donated by Terry Kobylinski
4.  Turkey Dinner (Incl. Turkey, Roasting Pan, lifters, table cloth, oven mitts, baster, $25 gift certificate        donated by Metro, $30 gift certificate - donated by Fortinos
5.  Signed retro Tiger-Cat jersey
6.  Wine Tour/dinner for 2 in Niagara on the Lake
7.  Sugar Rush Express - Bucket of Yummy Treats
8.  Framed/Signed Wayne Gretzsky picture - donated by Branch 36
9.  2 hour photo session - donated by Gillian Thompson
10.  Gift Basket donated by Kings Cross - Your British Store
11.  Vase donated by Discount Emporium
12.  Christmas Wrap Bonanza
13.  Food Hamper
$225 in gift certificates donated by the following Dundas merchants:
       Lillian's Style Shop
       The Thirsty Cactus
       Espresso Cafe
       The Winchester Arms
       Blur Eyewear
       Collin's Brewhouse
       Mickey McGuire's Cheese
       Adeline's Family Restaurant

15.  Donated by www.golfnorth.ca - 2011 Players cards X 2
16.  Gift Bonanza - donated by Donnelly's Pub & Grille - $100 value - Clothes, Cooler, Glasses,
       & $30 Gift Certificate


Please come out and support your LA and try to win some great prizes while doing so.


If you are interested in becoming a member of the LA please talk to one of our members.  Come on out and help support your Branch!


The LA wishes you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  Please remember there will NOT be a Beef-on-a-Bun night in December.


Yours in Comradeship,


Terrie Gubbins - President - Ladies Auxiliary


Ladies Auxiliary Report - October - 2010


The LA held their first beef on a bun night of the season on September 24th.  We held a draw for 2 free meals for the October beef on a bun night and the winner was Fred Lutz. Congratulations Fred. 


The next beef on a bun nights will be held on Friday October 22nd and Friday November 26th.  Dinner is served from 5:30 to 7:30.


Our annual draw is coming with many great prizes in store.  The draw will run throughout the month of November and the winners will be drawn on Friday December 3rd.  Many businesses in the Dundas area have contributed which will go a long way to helping the draw be a big success.  A great big thank you goes out to all the businesses in Dundas that contributed and to Dana DiLabbio for speaking to them and getting them involved.


If you or anyone you know is interested in becoming a member of our Auxiliary please speak to one of our members. 


Yours In Comradeship,


Terrie Gubbins

President - Ladies Auxiliary

Ladies Auxiliary Report - 14th April 2010 - News Item
The Ladies Auxiliary held their elections for their executive and most members of the executive from 2009-2010 were returned to office for 2010-2011

Here is the list of Executive for the LA. for 2010-2011

Terrie Gubbins - President

Sue Sklepowicz - 1st Vice

Terry Kobylinski - 2nd Vice and Sports

Debbie Cooley - Treasurer

Dana DiLabbio - Secretary

Executive Members are:

Gerry Hopkins - Membership Secretary

Suzie Mellen - Sgt. at Arms

Pat Raynsford - Executive Member

Marie Kobylinski - Executive Member


Ladies Auxiliary Report - August, 2010


We hope everybody had a safe and healthy summer.  A new season has begun and we are jumping right in.  The upcoming beef on a bun nights are as follows:  September 24th, October 22nd and November 26th.